Imperial East Gardens

Jul 27 2006

I think there was something fascinating about this tree that made me photograph it. Whatever it was, I’ve forgotten it. Such is the peril of taking so long to update one’s photo-log. Today (many weeks in this photo’s future) I had the surreal pleasure of meeting [Ethan Schoonover]( and [Merlin Mann]( for work. Between them and all of us Omni dudes, the amount of geek love in the room was dazzling. We talked for a long time about productivity type stuff, and it’s at a time that I’m bustling around a lot working our new project planning application. This has all gotten me thinking about the way I *Get Things Done*, and about how I can *close loops* and make sure my *methodology* doesn’t have any *leaks*. What should I use to trigger myself to update this photo-log promptly enough to avoid forgetting what the photos are about? When should I write something in my mini notebook and when should I write something in my *very* mini notebook? Can I trust a printout of my Kinkless GTD document as much as I currently trust my all-paper system? These are all questions that have deep meaning to me, and very little meaning to anyone else. But do you like how I segued into this from the tree?