Informative Sign

Sep 01 2006

My new apartment is all right. It’s aesthetically a pretty nice place to be, and Green Lake is less than 2 blocks away. I can walk to work in 25 minutes, along the lovely Ravenna Boulevard. But my upstairs neighbors are often ceiling-rumblingly loud. One time I went out on my balcony and looked up to see what was the matter, and someone very drunk was punching his friend as hard as he could for fun. And as someone who grew up in a rich Chicago suburb, it unnerves me that less than five blocks from my home is a highway where homeless people beg for money at the offramp and sleep under the overpass. Here’s an informative sign at my building, made from what could quite well be a pizza-slice container. I keep imagining the guy writing **WET PAINT**, looking at it, deciding it’s too ambiguous, and then adding **GREEN**.