D&D Cupcake

Oct 19 2006

Our weeklyish Dungeons and Dragons sessions have been going well. One person has left, and two people have joined. We had to turn away two more people in order to avoid having too large a group. The characters are about level 6 now, which means I can throw some pretty hefty stuff at them and not worry about them dying. For one session, Rachael and John brought in cupcakes, topped with 4th of July frosting, in Halloween cups. They were scrumptious. On the MacBook you can see one of the 300 kitty stickers I mail-ordered. I used to buy these stickers when I could find them in dispensers, but no one ever stocks them anymore. The fewest I could buy online was 300, for just 20 ameribux, so I went for it, thinking I could give most of them away. Let me know if you want a kitty sticker. :D