Pig’s Blood Quiche

Aug 09 2007

So we went out for a fancy French lunch, Piroko and her grandma and I. It was the whole deal, with a variety of choices available for each of the several different courses. The lady serving us was not Japanese, no, she was probably French, considering the authenticity of the place. But our only guaranteed linguistic common denominator was Japanese, so that’s how I ordered. Imagine an American dude and a French lady going back and forth in Japanese: “I’ll have this quiche.” “Are you sure you want that? Its main ingredient is pig’s blood.” “Oh, of course. That’s just fine!” *(Did she just say blood? Oh, she totally did say blood. Oh, man!!)* I was putting enough effort into being polite and speaking properly that I just didn’t have the mental resources necessary to decide that I shouldn’t eat *blood*. I finished it, but I did not enjoy it. The rest of the meal was fine.